About Us

Vertex Credit Solutions is a full service Debt Repayment Agency that is dedicated to educating consumers of their rights and responsibilities regarding their creditors, and providing them with options for debt relief.

Our founder and Chief Financial Consultant is a recognized veteran of the consumer finance industry.


Company History
Credifix Inc. was founded in 2008 in response to a growing need. The insolvency industry was one sided in the creditors favour and the consumer had no where to get unbiased information on the options that were available. We approached Service Alberta for a license to run a debt pooling program to assist consumers avoid bankruptcy. Prior to this we were asked to provide input when the Fair Trading Act was re-written in 2007. Due to our extensive knowledge in the Bankruptcy field we decided to open a business that was geared specifically towards consumers and their needs. With todays relaxed credit granting rules, in the day and age of two feet and a heart beat financing, many people find themselves way to over extended and juggling to make ends meet. In order to provide this service we were required to become licensed, bonded, open trust accounts and have all of the documentation clients sign approved by Service Alberta.

Our name may be different, but our vision remains the same. We provide trusted debt management options, improving our economy one consumer at a time.



Our Mission
To empower people with the knowledge necessary to deal effectively with their financial problems.


Our License
Vertex Credit Solutions is bonded and licensed by the government as a Debt Repayment Agency to act on behalf of the Debtor, NOT the banks or the credit card companies. This means that our decisions and our actions are focused 100% on the best interests of our clients.

Since the program is not a court ordered option like an Orderly Payment of Debt, Consumer Proposals or Bankruptcy, we are able to offer the largest range of options to our clients.


Take the first step to eliminating your financial debt right now because every
day you wait is another day deeper in debt.


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